Monday, 20 October 2014

Painting K8


5 year olds
The class wants to have a day out towards the end of the term. They need to raise money. They asked if I could help them make "proper" paintings on canvas, that they could auction off to their parents.

I prepared canvas's by painting them yellow. Time didn't allow the children to do this and let it dry.

We brainstormed the fun things they do with their families. We came up with an extensive list. They chose one and did an initial drawing on paper. They used charcoal on the canvas to sketch out their image, trying to keep their drawings large.

I gave the children primary colours and black and white. They mixed their colours on a little palette. They also had access to "people paint" if they wanted them. They painted the pictures before lunch. After lunch they were quite dry. They added black to highlight areas, using tiny brushes and runny black paint.

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