Thursday, 30 October 2014

Dinosaurs R8

A photo of a dino rider

The rubbings being made.

Viewing others work.

 7 year olds

The children have been studying dinosaurs. Their knowledge is impressive.
I was asked to get the children to make clay dinosaurs. In my experience, this is less than half a days lesson. So in addition, I adapted the lesson I had already prepared.

We had access to a plastic dinosaur for each child. They made an observational drawing of it. This was followed by having their photo taken as if they were riding their dinosaur. While I printed them, the children covered their page with crayon rubbings. They cut out their photo , stuck it to their rubbing page and drew their dinosaur around it.

They used dye and cotton buds to add colour to their dinosaurs.

The clay dinosaur.

I showed them how to create legs by pulling them out from a blob of clay, rather than add them, as this is often unsuccessful. This worked very well for most children. They added texture to the skin on the clay dinosaur using a variety of tools we gathered together. We will put these in the kiln when they are dry then paint them and polyurethane them.

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