Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Cardboard Relief Houses M10

7 year olds

The children made cardboard reliefs. The subject was homes. They brainstormed an extensive list of possible homes from fishbowls to castles.

They built up their reliefs using a collection of card, paper and corrigated card, all stuck down with their choice of PVA or glue sticks.

They made rubbings using the sides of wax crayons, layered with the lightest colours applied first.

They enhanced their rubbings by drawing directly onto them.

The experimental part of the day was wrapping the relief with foil. then applying gesso. Once it was dry, they used little damp sponges to rub black paint onto them. Then to contunue rubbing so the foil was exposed on the highest points. The results are a bit too subtle to be effective.

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