Friday, 10 October 2014

Art teachers' down time.

My father is turning 85 this month. It's always been tricky buying birthday presents for him. If he wants something, he buys it. So my siblings and I have had years of thinking creatively.

This year I have put together a book of cars. He has bought and sold cars on a regular basis. Purely for the joy of it. The shortest time I remember him owning a car was 10 days in about 1963. It was a Riley. I vaguely remember travelling from Christchurch to Takaka in it, with no windscreen wipers, in the pouring rain.

I recall a lot of the cars he has owned, but there are gaps. So I called on family to fill those gaps, then collected any photos we had. Google helped with the rest. The best being an old photo with my sister as a toddler and my mum and our Austin Nippy Sports.

I found an old book called "Cars". I removed the staples and inserted the eleven pages of Graeme's cars randomly through the book. His car count is 40!

I re stapled and added the awesome black
and white tape to the spine.


  1. A wonderful gift. You are sooooo clever Gretchen. Enjoy the last term.

  2. What a special gift! I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

  3. Thank you Mary. He's sure to enjoy it. He will also be able to suggest a few cars I've missed. There is room to add them.



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