Thursday, 30 October 2014

Dinosaurs R8

A photo of a dino rider

The rubbings being made.

Viewing others work.

 7 year olds

The children have been studying dinosaurs. Their knowledge is impressive.
I was asked to get the children to make clay dinosaurs. In my experience, this is less than half a days lesson. So in addition, I adapted the lesson I had already prepared.

We had access to a plastic dinosaur for each child. They made an observational drawing of it. This was followed by having their photo taken as if they were riding their dinosaur. While I printed them, the children covered their page with crayon rubbings. They cut out their photo , stuck it to their rubbing page and drew their dinosaur around it.

They used dye and cotton buds to add colour to their dinosaurs.

The clay dinosaur.

I showed them how to create legs by pulling them out from a blob of clay, rather than add them, as this is often unsuccessful. This worked very well for most children. They added texture to the skin on the clay dinosaur using a variety of tools we gathered together. We will put these in the kiln when they are dry then paint them and polyurethane them.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Onomatopoeia M14

Dye with cotton buds that make the dots.

Roy Lichtenstein with 8 year olds.

A lovely day with a class of children, full of ideas. I had to let go, as some children asked if they could use different colours for their dots in the background. It didn't feel right to me, but tactfully said it was up to them. They needed to concider the colour combinations.
This is a lesson I have taken previously. roy-liechtenstein
I found this recording which was informative and a good way to introduce the artist.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

CD Designs V5

9 and 10 year olds.

I took this lesson two weeks ago with a class the same age as this.

I changed the cover,  to one the CD could slip into. I found a CD cover that opened out, which the children used as a template for their one.
Several of the children grasped the idea about keeping the lettering a uniform size by writing on lines. These examples stand out well.


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