Thursday, 4 September 2014

Painted Portraits R7


6 Year Olds
The main intention today, was to make painted portraits. A smaller project was to make art for a possible 'calendar'.
So two art lessons.

We had a discussion about where parts of a face are in relation to other parts. They made a sketch using pencil. This was repeated in pencil on black paper.

The children painted their head shape using people paint, on the black paper. They had four different tones of brown to use. While that was drying, the children drew flying inventions.

The details were added to the dry portraits using coloured pencils. It was a difficult lesson, but the children took on the challenge enthusiastically.


  1. I think the children have done a great job of making their head fill the space. I especially like that they look so individual like the children themselves. I'll copy your idea of the black paper. I usually paint on grey paper.

  2. Thanks Gretchen, I've really enjoyed this series of portrait posts! : )

  3. Thank you guys, it's challenging and rewarding.



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