Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Joan Miro R8

 6 and 7 year olds

I introduced Joan Miro with a little story of his life. I showed seveal images of his art, with figures in them. We had a discussion about Joan Miro's figures and how they were made.
The children drew as many as they could see in his work, using pencils.

They used these images to create their own pictures using marker pens.
I showed how they could put water on their work and lay coloured tissue onto the water. The longer they left the tissue in place, the darker the colour.

They chose their favourite figure and made a large one which they cut out and stuck on a large page, with other children's figures.

The children wrote a reflection about their art experience. Several children wrote about the "crazy art" and how much they loved being crazy with their images.


  1. Amazing work. How lucky are our children to have a fabulous dedicated art teacher?!

  2. Love this lesson, my second graders just completed it too. There's something just right about the abstract black lines and the tissue painting!

  3. Thanks Hope. The children take to it so easily too.



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