Thursday, 31 July 2014

Puppets V3

9 and 10 year olds.

The class's inquiry this term is 'toys'. I chose puppet making to fit the theme. Initially we were going to make clay puppet heads but as I am away from school for 3 weeks, there will be no allowance to dry and fire the heads before the children's next art day. So we opted for paper mache. I have not had a lot of success with paper mache so I did my research carefully.

The process we followed...
The children made a cardboard tube to loosely fit their index finger.
They scrunched up a sheet of newspaper and held it on the top of the tube with a couple of bits of tape. It looked like an ice cream.
They wrapped the whole thing in tin foil. This held everything together and could be moulded a little to look like a head.
They tore narrow strips of newspaper and pulled them through the glue before wrapping them around the head.
They added scrunched paper where they wanted noses, chins, eyebrows to be.
They continued to wrap.
Every so often they wrapped on a dry strip which soaked up a bit of excess glue.
Finally plain strips of newsprint were wrapped on.

We talked about exaggerating the features.  I stressed the need for the surface of the final layer to be smooth.

They did a brilliant job. They thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the key was the small manageable size.

The children even had time to begin sewing their puppets outfit. I will blog about that after their next art day.  

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