Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Maori Tiki M10

7 year olds. 

 We explored what the children knew about the Maori tiki. They were all aware of tiki's but had very little knowledge of its importance and history. The website http://www.maori.info/maori_tiki.htm was very informative and I discussed many of the points they make, with the children.

I gave the children some images if tikis. They pointed out some features that were common, such as the head is on a slant (not something they found easy to draw) there were only 3 fingers and toes, the arms and legs were folded, there were korus on them. They sketched their tiki.

The children prepared a page by laying down wax crayon, the colour of the carved tiki which was either greenstone or bone. They covered the wax crayon in black. While it was drying they drew another tiki. They scratched this into the black paint. 


  1. Wonderful! Wat was the black paint? Acrylic?

    1. Thank you. It is acrylic with a little squirt of dish wash liquid so it doesn't flake when it is scratched into.



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