Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Water Cycle V4

9 and 10 year olds.

The class has been looking at clouds as part of their enquiry. 

I asked the children if they could explain the water cycle. Collectively they did a great job. They used words like precipitation, condensation etc. Not simply rain and snow etc. 

On practice paper the children created a water cycle around their page. They were very creative. I was expecting words around the border, connected by words. Instead so many of them included elaborate drawings together with words, to get their message through. 

 They created their water cycle around a square they had drawn on the page. They added a horizon  close to the bottom of the inner square. They chose whatever horizon they wanted...city scape, country etc.

 The space above the horizon was covered with white wax crayon. The crayon was covered with blue paint. Then using a cloth, paint was wiped away to form clouds.

A little extra group fun.

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