Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Painting little things, large M14

8 year olds.
The children could select from a collection of things to make an observational drawing of. They included shells, keys, pressed flowers, feathers, and autumn leaves. The shells and keys were the most popular choices. After making the initial drawing, they made another using their non drawing hand, then a third on a large piece of A3 with black crayon. I asked them to make the image touch 3 sides of the paper.

I gave them another A3 piece of thick pastel paper and they drew their image, which they were quite familiar with now, in chalk. I stressed that the lines should be thick. Some heard me!

I explained that analogous colours are those next to one another on the colour wheel. They chose two colours and proceeded to paint their image using only those colours or tones of them. I gave them primary colours and black and white. I also asked them to avoid the white chalk.
They used a lid as a palette and little teaspoons to scoop out the paint with. They mixed some great colours.


  1. Nice lesson! And your kids did a great job color mixing, too!

  2. Thanks Phyl and they were so focused.



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