Monday, 9 June 2014

Molas M13

8/9 year olds (Year 4)
The children were shown some images of traditional mola art and the mola clothing worn by Columbian people. We talked about some of the history of mola art.

I showed them a small You Tube describing a way to make paper mola art.

The children chose 3 different coloured sheets of paper and a black sheet.

I asked them to draw a silhouette of flora or fauna of their choose, on a separated page. They were encouraged to keep it simple but recognisable. Several children had a second try at this stage.

This was cut out and was the template. They followed the steps described on the video to get three colours for their image. They carried on to adorn the background with colour. We talked about trying to have as much black background as colour. This was an attempt to fill the page with colour.


The inevitable chaos.

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