Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fish etchings R9

7 year olds.

Rather than start the day with observational drawing, I asked the children to prepare their crayon then paint layer. This way, the paint had a chance to dry.

I gave the children images of fish and they made a detailed drawing. They repeated it in pen, to cement the details in their minds.

They used kebab sticks and the ends of scissors to etch their fish into the paint surface, revealing the bright crayon below.

They cut around the etched fish, then stuck it to bright paper and cut it out again.

They stuck their initial drawing onto the corner of black paper and used cold coloured paper to create an underwater scene. The mounted their etched fish on foam board and stuck it into their underwater world.

This art idea began when I was looking at this site. http://experimentsinarteducation.

The class's blog  has all the images made today. art-day-with-gretchen. 

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