Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Daisy's Maze V1

9 and 10 year olds. 

The Wellington Public Library have asked schools to choose one of Kyle Mewburn's children's books and make a 3D construction/sculpture about it. I took up the challenge for our school. 
The sculpture will be on display at the different libraries around the city, next term.

I chose an older class to offer this challenge to. I chose well.
They had several hurdles to jump and they made an excellent job of it. They had to...
1. Work in groups of 3 to 5 children. 
2. Assign rolls within the group.
3. Problem solve to create the tower and maze.
4. Work with the materials we had in the room.

I read the story and it was obvious what we should make: the tower and maze. I gave each group a section of the sculpture to make.

I had some donated foam board in the room. So along with magazines, PVA and cutting knives, 4 teams set about making a quarter of the maze each.

Another group was given the tower to construct. This was very hard as the drawing in the book had a spiral stairwell coming down the outside. After two attempts, Ella suggested that little steps sticking out of slits would work. YES it did!!

A sixth group made the little tower top room. It is very cute. Like a little dolls house.

 I helped the 4 groups who were making the maze before they started. I showed them how to score the foam board to make it curve. The next problem was to glue it to the base board. They tried PVA and hot glue. Both were weak. Then we had a visit from Bridget (another teacher) and she suggested making a narrow trough in the base board and glue the wall into place. Yes, another success.

 The seventh group made the characters which are not well represented in photos, but they made lovely little animals that they placed all over the maze and up the tower.

The team

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