Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Analogous colours M11

Analogous colours

 8 year olds

The day was destined to be challenging. Some children were taken away for kapa haka at another school, while some others had reading one on one, then others were to be involved in a poroporaki at the local kindergarten. And I was to have children from another class for a while.

Mmmmm. The days plan was altered to fit. It's what teachers do.

As every child was there for some part of the day, they could all paint the clay house they had made and had been fired previously. I gave them acrylic paint which had been donated. It was artist quality, therefore was lovely and bright. The children had tiny brushes, to see if they could add the details they wanted.

The other part of they day was used to introduce analogous colours to the children. They made their colour wheel, mixing their own secondary colours. They chose two analogous colours and mixed a variety of them to paint on the double ladder they had drawn, down the page.

A few had the opportunity to put analogous colours on a little drawing they had made.


  1. Hi Gretchen

    It is really good to be able to see what the kids have been doing at art. Thanks for putting stuff up - and so promptly. Good to see the birdcages that M11 made today.

    Ruth (Helena Reddell's mother)

    1. Thank you Ruth, I am pleased it is appreciated.

  2. It looks like despite all the interruptions, the kids did a great job. And you are so right; it's just how we roll!
    But I have to ask - for us who are not familiar with your New Zealand terminology, what is kapa haka, and what is poroporaki?

    1. Thank you Phyl. Kapa haka is Maori performance and Poroporaki is a Maori farewell, the children went to the kindergarten Poroporaki for the little ones who were about to start school.



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