Wednesday, 28 May 2014

"Where the Wild Things Are" K8

Check out the great You Tube the class has made to display their art. koolk8.blogspot

5 year olds.

Another class of year ones. Several of the children had their first visit to the art room today.

I read the children the well known story "Where the Wild Things Are". Several children were keen to read along.

We discussed the features on the faces of the wild things. The children noticed that most of them had teeth like sharks. So this is where we started. Then the eyes and the noses. After these features were drawn at the top of the page in crayon, they made the head. I left them to complete their wild thing, but encouraged patterned clothing. They cut them out and put them aside while they created the backgrounds.

We looked at the story again, noticing the tall tree trunks, high and low foliage and the colours. They used oil pastels to create their jungles. They completed the backgrounds using water colour paints.

They stuck their wild thing over the backgrounds.

Thanks to Katy for the inspiration for this lesson.

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