Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The library shelf M14

 8 year olds, year 4.

Our librarian asked if a class could make art about books for one of the walls in the library. A few years ago, a class made books on shelves and the art is still on one of our walls. It's almost like wallpaper.

I gave the children a selection of books and asked them to look at the spines. We talked about what they contained. The list included titles, authors, illustrators, publishers, their logos.

We discussed fonts which the children know about thanks to computers.

With this information, the children made a few drafts of what their book spines could look like. They created some interesting titles.

I showed the children how to lightly draw guide lines to write the words between. For some children, this takes some time to understand, especially the third line for the top of lowercase letters.

I gave the children a selection of mediums to use. Markers, pens, paint and coloured pencils.


  1. Great idea Gretchen. I think there should be a like button for blogs like facebook has. Then I could just like all your posts. I really enjoy looking at the childrens work on your blog. Congratulations to you and them.

  2. Thank you Vicki, you've brightened my day and I agree that a like button would be a good idea.



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