Monday, 12 May 2014

Ra, the sun. M12

Year 4, (8 year olds).

I read the Maori legend "How Maui slowed the sun" by Peter Gossage, to the class. The illustrations in the book were excellent, lots of Maori design.

The children were given a photograph of a fern frond (koru). They drew what they saw. I gave them examples of tukutuku panels, which are found on traditional Maori buildings. They filled a page with  the Maori designs they liked.

I gave them a paper plate to trace around to begin their sun.
They adorned their sun with Maori design. We had a conversation about warm and cold colours and how warm colours would be appropriate for the sun. Then came the conversation about purple and green. "What if there is more yellow in the green than blue, or more red in the purple than blue?" I left it up to their discretion. The tools they used were black crayon, Indian ink applied with sticks, oil pastel and black PVA. which they applied at the end over the major lines. Some of the designs were so fine and detailed, I brought out the coloured pencils.

I was impressed with the individuality of their work.

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