Thursday, 29 May 2014

Patchwork Quilts R8

 Year 2 and 3. (6 &7 year olds.)

Today I tried to incorporate a wide variety of mediums that are directly made using the earth. EG; chalk, oil pastels etc.

They began by drawing to a variety of music styles, in order to create a variety of line using wax crayons. They put crayons aside and coloured a selection of the created shapes with oil pastels.
They moved on to colouring more shapes in with chalk.

I handed out markers and rulers and they drew straight lines from side to side, observing how the different mediums work in different ways with the markers.

 The final medium was water colour paint which they applied onto shapes, even if they were coloured with something else. For example, the chalk absorbed the paint but the oil pastel repelled.

I called a halt to the process, even if the entire surface wasn't covered.
I handed out strips of plastic to use as rulers. They were the correct width to section off the page evenly (it didn't work the other way though)

They marked a grid on the back and cut up the page into squares. They kept their pieces together to avoid loosing them later.

I handed out a piece of black paper the same size as the original and they stuck the squares on in random order.

They decided whether they were cat or dog people. They drew a sleeping cat or dog using indian ink, while their work was drying and these were cut out and stuck onto their quilts.


  1. Love the skills and media used in this lovely project.

  2. Gretchen, these are wonderful! I love the look of the India ink animals against the colorful collages. What do you have the children use to draw with the ink? When I was in high school, my teacher sent us outside to find a stick which we were then asked to sharpen. We then used it to draw contour line portraits. I think the drawings have a much nicer quality than permanent marker because of the thick and thin lines. I need to try this.Thanks for another inspiring post!

  3. Thank you Mary. I also enjoy the line variation achieved using sticks rather than pens. I give the children kebab stick I buy in the supermarket.

  4. Hi Gretchen, I love your blog and particularly loved this project; very inspiring. Would love to have a chat with you soon as I have finally registered with the teachers council! Keep up the great work you do. Carrie Carey

    1. Thank you Carrie, come and visit any time.



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