Wednesday, 21 May 2014

NZ forest R7

6 and 7 year olds

We had a surprise delivery of fabulous foam board from our local artist. This was motivation for a way to present our forest art.

The children imagined what it would be like if they are deep in a NZ forest. They would be surrounded by a variety of plants, which had a variety of leaf shapes. They wouldn't be able to see the sky. With this information and a discussion of what plants they knew of that grew in our bush, they drew their forest using black marker pens.

They were very involved in this activity. They added colour with wax crayons and put a dark dye over top.

They chose one or two animals or birds that they could find in the bush. They drew these with sticks and black ink. These were coloured using coloured pencils and cut out.

I had previously cut a hole in the centre of the foam board, turning them into fames. The children put PVA onto the frames were they wanted the glitter to be. They put their work together.

We listed all the mediums they had used to make their art today. They also listed the materials that they put their mediums onto.

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