Tuesday, 6 May 2014

M10 Robots

observational drawing

year 3,  7 year olds.

This was a very popular choice. The children had so many ideas of what robots look like.

I had a few images of robots around the room to stimulate more ideas. Their robot thoughts included, switches, lights, knobs, buttons, wires, antennae etc.

They drew their ideas on practice paper. I encouraged basic shapes, not details at this point. I also asked them to try several different ideas.

They drew their chosen robot in pencil on green paper so they didn't have to worry about the background.

They painted their robot completely, with grey that they mixed themselves. Once it was dry, they outlined all the robot parts.

They decided which side of the robot the sun was on. On that side they put strips of white pencil to act as a reflection. On the other side of the robot, they put black pencil to act as a shadow.

Then came the fun part, adding the little coloured knobs etc.

I attribute this fabulous lesson to John from  http://www.johnpost.us/


  1. GREAT robots M10! You must all have so much fun on Art Day. Keep up the good work. Thanks Gretchen. From Angela and Aman.

  2. Thanks so much, I appreciate your comments.



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