Monday, 26 May 2014

Fish Scratch Pictures. K2

 5 year olds.

The children walked to the beach last week. Hence the fish.

I asked the children to categorise coloured crayons, depending whether they thought they were light, medium or dark. The children chose a light crayon and covered an A4 page. I kept them going until the page was well covered. This required a break, for a run to the other side of the playground and back. They then chose three more crayons and layered the colours through to the darkest. The coverage was not as important as the first, as that is the one that is exposed after etching.

I asked them to make several drawings of fish on practice paper. They chose their favourite and etched it into there crayon with kebab sticks. I encouraged them to add other images that they thought would be in the water with the fish.

I cut out foam board frames which they collaged with torn magazine pages. They tried to stick to one or two colours.

They made a little drawing or two of fish, using kebab sticks and black ink. They cut these out and glued them onto the frames, after the frames have been stuck to the etching.

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