Monday, 19 May 2014

Fish Puppets K7

New Entrants. 5 year olds.

Several of the children had not met me before as they have just started school.

The class had planned to go for an exploratory walk to the beach, with two other classes today. So art was fast tracked a little to accommodate less time in the art room and fatigue.

The children were given cardboard with a slit across it. I introduced water colour paint and demonstrated ways to use it and mix colours. The children covered the card with sea colours. It dried while we were at the beach.

I gave the children paper and pencils and asked them to draw a fat fix, a thin fish, spiky fish, tiny fish etc. I didn't give them time to add details, it was a way for them to expand their idea of what a fish was like.

I gave them light cardboard and they drew their fish with pen and coloured their fish with jovis. They cut them out and I stapled them onto a thin piece of card. They made a second fish if they wanted and decorated the ocean with seaweed, fish etc.

The images came alive when the children moved the fish through the water. Of course you will recognise the noises on this video as fish noises.


To view the rest of the finished masterpieces, go to the class's blog They will be posted shortly.

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