Thursday, 22 May 2014

Dogs M11

8 year olds (year 4)

I noticed how motivated the children were a few weeks ago when part of the art day focused on dogs. Today the whole day was 'dogs'. A very popular choice.

We began by talking about the strengths and weaknesses of charcoal. I demonstrated a little, about how not to smug unintentionally and how to make crisp lines.
I asked the children to use the charcoal and draw a dog from memory. They enthusiastically took this challenge on.

I then asked them to take one of the dog photos and to draw what they saw, just like an observational drawing.

Moving on, they drew their dog on a square piece of paper with black crayon, remembering to include the dogs neck, so he wasn't floating in space. They were asked to colour and use the crayon strongly. I suggested layering the colours to obtain a hairy look. Several children took this idea on with excellent results.

They screwed up the page so the wax crayon would crack. After smoothing it out they put a layer of dye over the whole page.

I mounted all 3 pieces of art together to display the learning process clearly.

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