Saturday, 12 April 2014

Organising The Art Room

One on each group table. It holds pencils scissors & black crayons.
A plastic container for oil pastels, which stack and sit on a tray.

Wax crayons in plastic tubs which stack and sit on a try.

Tiny plastic pots with concentrated dye and cotton buds left in them.
It used to be the dental clinic.

Black Indian ink in a small lidded tub, in a larger tub. 

Brushes in size groups in a donated holder. (Thanks Michael McCormick)

Two racks for drying pictures. They fold up.

Paint in lidded tubs, on long trays.
Organising the art room.

I have a small room, 4 meters by 8 meters, with a small storage room at the end. I haven't included chairs, just pillows and low group tables. It's about half the size of a regular NZ classroom. It's this, or I go room to room like a bag lady. I am enjoying it more and more, as I find ways to be organised.

Each table has a pencil and scissors container. I sharpen pencils as they last longer that way. I keep a supply of spare pencils for children to dip into if their pencil breaks. I also keep black and white crayons in these containers as we use them often.

My oil pastels and wax crayons are kept in containers, on trays. I simply bring a tray out and deliver them to the tables like a waitress.

The concentrated dye with cotton buds as applicators, can dry out between lessons, as a few drops of water revives them.

The little Indian ink tubs have lids. They sit in a larger container in case they are spilt. The children use kebab sticks to apply the ink.

My paint brushes are very easy for children to choose, as they are all visible.

The drying racks were not expensive, as some are. I bought two and they hang one above the other on the wall. They fold up if needed.

My paint pots have lids and a plastic spoon in them. They sit in a long tray so can be put on a table a is. I only have the primary colours and white and black. The children have plastic lids to put the paint on using the spoons. They mix the colours on the lids. See paint organisation

And a link to get paint out of clothing. removing paint


  1. I love the look of creativity happening! Your low tables are cute! Do the kids like sitting on the floor to use them? The kids love when I let them work on the floor away from the table...if the tables are filled with painting supplies and creative mess I let the finished early work on the floor away from the groups when they are cleaned up. Thanks for showing us your creative space! :)

  2. One child said their legs were sore. Other than that, not one complaint. Thanks.

  3. Hi Gretchen
    I know you use ink and skewers, plus cotton buds (Q-tips) and dye.....but I never knew how you distributed them. Thanks for all the pictures. I'm pinning to my art room organization board.

  4. I am so pleased to clarify. It's hard to know how much to explain.



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