Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Observational drawing prep.

All levels.

I am always on the hunt for appropriate subjects for observational drawing. I have recently decided to use the same subject for all 19 classes I work with, year 1 to year 6. So that means I need 2 subjects per term. In the past I have had a collection of subjects, shells, keys, leaves, seed pods etc. I would bring them out and get, "we've done that." That is not a bad thing, but I tried to avoid that situation so there is variety for the children.

I have a woven floor mat that I am going to cut into 30 small squares, about 6 cm sq. One for each child.
I bought a flower press in a second had shop for $4 yesterday, to find it had some little pansy's and oak leaves inside. I have added new flowers so each child will get a pressed plant to draw.

If you are wondering how to take an observational drawing lesson, I have written a "free" set of lessons. Check it out..  Observational-drawing-lessons-for-5-to-10-year-olds

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