Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Layered Weaving R8

6 and 7 year olds. (Year 2 & 3)

I gave the children a simple weaving task to find out what stage they were at with their weaving ability. The children who finished early, were renamed experts and could wander around offering assistance, but only verbally so as not to take over.

The children had access to wax crayons and a large sheet to paper. I put on a bit of Babylon Circus music, to which they could crayon their page. I changed the music...tempo...three or four times and their mark making changed too. Phew, that worked, and it was fun.

They turned the page over and drew evenly spaced lines down the page. They cut the lines, creating 10 strips. They kept one, and traded the rest. They ended up with 10 very different patterned strips.

They marked up and cut a black piece of paper into strips the same size, but not right to the top.

The wove their patterned strips into the black strips.

They wove coloured paper strips on top of their strips, offering layers of colour.

They decided on a little design that they drew on top of regular squares, repeating across the page.

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