Friday, 21 March 2014

Paint, crayons, dye, pencils. K8

 New entrants, 5 year olds.
There are now 8 children in the new entrant class. Today I exposed the children to several different mediums. Paint mixing, crayon and dye and observational drawing (which I take every day).
I asked the children to put on a paint shirt and to do up one button. That is always amusing with the little ones. Fifteen minutes later ... they filled the large communal page with circles squares and triangles using black crayons.
I demonstrated how to put paint on their palettes, (ice cream lids) using the teaspoons that are in each paint pot. Then how to add more colours and mix them with their brushes. They painted all the shapes red, which sort of happened and the spaces between were their own colour inventions. The best being 'salmon' and 'pastry'.
I showed the children photos of honey bees on their hives and began a discussion about them.
They drew a honey bee on paper with wax crayon. They scrunched them and dyed them yellow.
Time was short as a visitor was coming to talk to the class, so I cut them out as they made the honey comb on black paper.
They glued them together and named their work with gold pens.

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