Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Foil images V2

9 and 10 year olds.

The children made an observational drawing of the little pot plants I had put on the tables.

I explained the days art process to them and asked them to make a little practice foil image. It is a delicate process and they would benefit from discovering the pitfalls themselves. EG; the foil tears easily, the foam board underneath needs quite a bit of pressure to achieve the indentations.

I gave the children a piece of foil slightly larger than a piece of foam board. They wrapped the foil around the foam board and drew their plant onto it using blunt pencils. They could zoom in on their drawing or repeat it a few times, their choice to make the image. They pealed off the foil and turned it over. They rubbed Indian ink onto the relief image and whipped it back until it looked good to them. The foam board had the image etched into it. They could choose how they dealt with this. Some children chose to colour the surface with jovi crayons, others used pencil and some left it plain.

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