Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Colour wheels K7

5 year olds.
Some of todays children had their first day in the art room.
We focused on the colours of the colour wheel. We began by using primary paint colours plus black and white. I showed the children how to spoon paint onto their palette (ice cream lid) and to mix it with their brush. They created new colours and painted a big piece of paper that they had drawn shapes on. I praised those that managed the paint well. I was keen to keep the paint off the floor.

I introduced the colour wheel, beginning with the primary colours. Then asking them what colour is made when they are mixed. They made collage colour wheels in groups.

They made individual colour wheels, drawing up the wheel themselves by tracing around a lid, putting a dot where they thought the centre was and ruling 3 lines through the dot. That last bit needed a bit of eraser time. Then they put the primary colours in, leaving an empty segment between each. Then putting the secondary colour between the two primaries that made it. It sounds complicated but they grasped the concepts very well.

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