Monday, 24 March 2014

Bird houses R9

7 year olds.

The children took a large square sheet of paper outdoors to cover with crayon rubbings. They  used the bumpy surfaces in the playground. I have some little rubbing boards which they could also use.
We had a discussion about how bird houses would look smaller if they were further away. They designed their own birdhouses using pencil, thinking carefully about where they put them on the page.
The whole page was covered in dye.
Then, using concentrated dye, the children coloured their little houses using cotton buds. When they were dry, they outlined their houses with black P.V.A.
While that was drying, the children drew their bird using photos to help.
The little bird was cut out and glued to a little piece of foam then onto the page.


  1. Beautiful combination of materials and techniques!

  2. These are beautiful! I love the textured backgrounds! :)

  3. Thank you both. They look fabulous in real life. The children loved doing them.

  4. It might be more fun if the kids can paint and decorate real birdhouses. Nice post.

  5. Thanks. Different fun I think. Also, our budget would have to grow.



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