Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Annie Smits Sandano inspired art. V6

9 and 10 year olds

Today the class made art in the style of New Zealand artist Annie Smits Sandano.

They began by making observational drawings of birds. The birds were redrawn onto a small square of lino. They used lino cutting tools to make their image. They made a few crayon rubbings of their cut in order to see if more cuts were needed.

While the children made a print of their birds one at a time, so I could manage the potential mess, the others made a mock up of what they wanted their picture to look like. I had Annie's work up on the screen for them to be inspired by.

The korus etc are cut out of coloured paper.

The prints were dry enough to cut out in the afternoon and be assembled on white paper.

Take a look at Printmaking lesson as it teaches similar skills.

The class (V6) have written about this lesson on their home class blog.


  1. Hi gretchen, they are soooo cool!
    Love the black, red and white : )
    How do the students go with the lino tools, are the tools very sharp?

  2. Hi Joe, Thanks, they have impact! The lino tools aren't super sharp but sharp enough to make a nasty cut. So I said if no one cuts themselves by morning tea time, I would bring muffins in to the class tomorrow. There were only 2 or 3 little nicks so all good.

  3. I love this combo of collage and printmaking! These are really great! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  4. Thanks. The children experience lino cutting and printing in a way that is not overwhelming for them or me.

  5. The black and red on the white paper make a stunning composition. I think we all shy away from printmaking because of the organisation needed but there is a magic when you pull the paper back to reveal the printed image. I bet the children were pleased.

  6. Yes, Vicki, they are very crisp. I was amused at how some of the children sort perfection. They asked to do a second print to master the skill.



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