Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Back into it.

I took my first art day of 2014 today. I had a class of 18 year ones. It was the second school day ever, for several of the children. They were very new. It was a challenge for me as the day was interrupted with the class needing to get their stationary. I had planned way too much and even though the art we started  was completed, we could have done so much more.
We painted...was I crazy? One little guy wouldn't put a paint shirt on. Two wanted to go home by lunch time, etc. Thank goodness for story tapes. I have a collection of old school fairy tales which have books to go with them. In times of need, such as clearing away paint stuff or setting the tables up for the next step, I can put one on and have a captive, quiet audience. They are my saviour. 


  1. Welcome back to school! You are very brave, painting with the wee ones on the first day!

  2. Oh yes.! Crazy stuff.
    Today made up for it. A lovely class and no paint.



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