Friday, 29 November 2013

Collage Christmas Trees K6

5 and 6 year olds
The backgrounds have a grid of white crayon drawn on them with a pattern in each square. The children took pride in their patterns. They put blue dye over the page when it was complete.

The trees are brown corrugated card triangles which I cut prior to the class beginning. They are collaged in tissue paper. We made up some rules. Every piece of tissue had to touch a different colour. The pieces had to be about thumb size or smaller. The brown cardboard had to be covered.

They added glitter which always seem to delight children and horrify cleaners. So I manned the glitter tray, which the children dipped their trees into. They had put little dots of PVA where they wanted the glitter to go.

They added a little trunk and an ornament at the top before attaching the tree to the backgrounds.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Koru designs K7

 New Entrants, 5 year olds.

The five year olds talked about where they had seen korus used and what they knew about it.
 The children made koru shapes on large practice pages before making a pencil one on yellow paper. I gave them a pottle of black PVA each and they went over their koru shape.   They went on to make a collage koru which they found very tricky. I think it was because they were making their magazine pieces too big to fit their little spirals.
I gave them a piece of red felt and they drew a koru on it and cut it oust They chose the negative or positive to display.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Light source V4

9 year olds.

The class had been to see a local artist. A previous class I worked with had also been to see him. A tolerant man. 

 He shared with them not only his current paintings, but also the thesis he wrote on Light and Science! Absolutely perfect! The main themes to come out were that observation is the key to art - looking at light source and shadows created depth and realism. 

I had a selection of plastic fruit, which I painted black. I asked them to draw one with an emphasis on where the light source was. They repeated this exercise using black paper and white crayons.

I set up a ball on a tall tube, with a beam of light shining on it. The day was bright and I can't black out the room easily so the shadow on the ball was difficult to see. Anyway, they made a shaded drawing of the ball three times with coloured pencil. 

Their background was an optical illusion which took the eye away into the distance. This was made with marker pen and black paint. The three balls were cut out and attached to the optical illusion, with consideration as to the position of their light source. 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Making Patterned Paper V6

8 and 9 year olds
The children make an observational drawing of a bird in flight using a selection of photographs around the room. They made a silhouette of it and cut it out of card. They traced around the card silhouette again and again over a large sheet of A3 paper, sometimes flipping it. If they chose to have one overlap another, they needed to take care and decide which was in the foreground.
They used black markers to outline the shapes and add detail was they saw fit.
They used water colour paint to colour the birds in. They chose to put either hot colours for the birds and cold for the background, or vice verser.
The cardboard silhouette was also painted and then positioned on a little paper spring to make it sit out from the others. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ink Bikes K4

5 Year olds.

The brand new class of 5 year olds had a day making art about bikes. In this exercise they were given Indian ink and kebab sticks. They had already made black crayon drawings of the bikes, using photographs of bikes, so they knew what a bike looked like.
I expected a few grizzles as the ink is not easy to manipulate but they all got on with the task and were very diligent and expressive.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Dinosaur silhouettes

6 year olds.

The children made an observational drawing of a plastic dinosaur. They used their drawing to draw its outline, a silhouette of it. They enlarged it to fit on a piece of black A3. They cut along the outline, sellotaping up the initial cut in from the side.
The children painted a separate sheet of white A3 paper. They explored colour mixing, patterns, dabbing etc. They had a very lovely time.
The silhouette was placed over the dried painting.

Friday, 15 November 2013

chalk and black glue V1

10 year olds
There are images all around the walls of the art space. The children chose one to make a pencil sketch of. I encouraged as much detail and shade as they could include. This is so they will have options later. I asked them to 'zoom in' on their image, cropping off unwanted parts, focusing on the parts they liked the best. This is the part of the image that they will draw on their large coloured pastel paper (paper that has quite a rough surface, to capture the chalk dust).
They used a black wax crayon to draw their image.
Once they had drawn strong lines, they coloured it using ordinary blackboard coloured chalk. I asked them to blend every colour they used with another colour, so the change in colour couldn't be seen.
They went over the crayon lines with a dry paint brush to remove as much chalk dust as possible. They then put a line of black P.V.A. over the crayon lines. This could be done first, before chalking, but it takes half a day to dry depending how heavy handed the kids are.


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