Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Schooners M12

8 year olds.
The classroom had photographs of old schooners pinned up. The children sketched their chosen schooner, including detail and tones.
They drew the schooner again on an A3 piece of paper. I asked them to try to make the drawing touch 3 sides of the page. It was an attempt to get them to draw large boats. They did well.
They drew 2 lines through their drawing, dividing the page into 4 parts.
Each part was dealt with using a different medium.
Black ink and sticks, water colour paint, coloured pencil and charcoal.
I'm going to try this lesson tomorrow with a younger group of children. 


  1. Beautiful...I so enjoy children's pencil drawings and the direction that you took them. I just found your blog and am about to check out older posts.

  2. Many thanks. I hope you enjoy my posts.



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