Thursday, 5 December 2013

More Schooners M11

7 year olds.

As I said yesterday, I thought I would try this lesson with a younger class. I have made a few changes, for the better I think.

The subject, schooners, has been fabulous. The children loved drawing them and personalising them. Take a closer look at the little 'stick on' people. They got very involved in creating the crew for their schooners.

I had photos of schooners around the room, which the children made fabulous drawings of. They enlarged their drawings using black wax crayon, trying to make the schooner touch 3 sides of the coloured A3 pastel paper.

They divided their page into 3 parts, using two lines, trying to have equal parts of the schooner in each section. They used coloured pencil, coloured chalk and water colour paint to colour each separate section.

I think the coloured paper has increased the impact of this art.

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