Friday, 1 November 2013

Dinosaur shadows V5

9 year olds
The class had been to visit our lovely local artist, Michael McCormick the previous week. He shared with them not only his current paintings, but also the thesis he wrote on Light and Science! Absolutely perfect! The main themes to come out were that observation is the key to art - looking at light source and shadows created depth and realism. 

As an extension to this fabulous experience, I asked the children to draw a strip of different tones. Then I gave them a small toy dinosaur to make an observational drawing of. They were encouraged to include as many of the tones as possible. 

They then drew an outline of their dinosaur on light card. They cut a continuous line around the dinosaur, but not where it touched the ground. They bent up the dinosaur, leaving a dino shape. They mounted the card on black paper, which made the hole look like a shadow. Some children chose to put the shadow in the front, some at the back. 


  1. LOVE those cut out shadows!! That would be REALLY challenging for some of my students, who, I have found, need a LOT of cutting practice!!! This might motivate careful cutting:))

  2. Thanks Christie. If I take this lesson again, I would take it more slowly. I assumed the students would be able to understand the process. Several were confused about where the dino would bend…the place where it connects to the ground. Also that the shadow between the legs needs to be cut out.



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