Sunday, 27 October 2013

Worm art K8

5 year olds.
I gave the children a box full of coloured paper strips. I showed them how to bend a bit at each end and put PVA glue on the bent bit. Then to hold the glued piece onto the paper, so that the rest of the strip doesn't touch the paper. It was easier to understand when I showed them. I held the glued piece in place and counted to 20, to ensure it held.
They grasped the idea easily, covering their page with interwoven coloured strips. As I had hoped, they saw their work as a mass of worms. Excellent...stage two.
We had a discussion about where worms live. We added a bit of drama by discussing their worm houses, their furniture etc.
I gave them black crayon and a piece of paper. They started by drawing ground level. They drew their worms homes.
I gave them little pieces of pipe cleaner to make into their worms. As you can see above, the worms are pink and yellow.
They painted everything with watercolour paint, except the underground worm houses.

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