Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Badjelly the Witch K2

5 year olds.
I read "Badjelly the Witch" by Spike Milligan, until the witch appears. The children drew the witch using black crayon on black paper and coloured her using chalk. They cut her out and set her aside.
I read more of the story until the children, Tim and Rose are taken to the tower. The children drew the tower using marker pen and coloured it using watercolour paint.
I read until Jim the Eagle appeared to save the day. The children drew Jim with Dinglemouse on his head with pen and coloured him with coloured pencil.
The children used wax crayons to make rubbings that covered a large piece of paper. They covered the page in black dye...that came out purple.
They arranged and glued on the three pieces of art to complete the scene.
I read the remainder of the story.


  1. These are cool -really love the backgrounds too!

  2. Thanks Hope. The story is fun and the children were very motivated.



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