Sunday, 27 October 2013

Worm art K8

5 year olds.
I gave the children a box full of coloured paper strips. I showed them how to bend a bit at each end and put PVA glue on the bent bit. Then to hold the glued piece onto the paper, so that the rest of the strip doesn't touch the paper. It was easier to understand when I showed them. I held the glued piece in place and counted to 20, to ensure it held.
They grasped the idea easily, covering their page with interwoven coloured strips. As I had hoped, they saw their work as a mass of worms. Excellent...stage two.
We had a discussion about where worms live. We added a bit of drama by discussing their worm houses, their furniture etc.
I gave them black crayon and a piece of paper. They started by drawing ground level. They drew their worms homes.
I gave them little pieces of pipe cleaner to make into their worms. As you can see above, the worms are pink and yellow.
They painted everything with watercolour paint, except the underground worm houses.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Animal shadows K5

6 year olds
The children discussed their favourite animals. They discussed their different features...what sets them apart from other animals. For example a tiger has orange, black and white markings, compared to a zebra who has black and white markings. The children drew their animal. I tried to encourage them to get their animal to leap etc. It worked for some.
They coloured with wax crayon and cut them out. They traced and cut out the same shape in black.
The background is a grid of white crayon with a different pattern in each square, then dyed with yellow.
There was discussion about how the shadow would be if the sun was on the left or right etc. They glued their animal and shadow in place. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Badjelly the Witch K2

5 year olds.
I read "Badjelly the Witch" by Spike Milligan, until the witch appears. The children drew the witch using black crayon on black paper and coloured her using chalk. They cut her out and set her aside.
I read more of the story until the children, Tim and Rose are taken to the tower. The children drew the tower using marker pen and coloured it using watercolour paint.
I read until Jim the Eagle appeared to save the day. The children drew Jim with Dinglemouse on his head with pen and coloured him with coloured pencil.
The children used wax crayons to make rubbings that covered a large piece of paper. They covered the page in black dye...that came out purple.
They arranged and glued on the three pieces of art to complete the scene.
I read the remainder of the story.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Joan Miro inspired art

6 year olds.

Thank you Hope, for the great idea for this lesson.

I showed the children images of Joan Miro's art work. We discussed what they saw in the art.
 I asked them to give me scenarios, such as an elephant eating lunch with a knife and fork. I asked if we would ever see this happen. If it was a real situation or a surreal one. Miro's art is surreal. 
They practiced a few of the faces they identified in his art.
They made up their own pictures using black markers. They wet the page and lay coloured tissue paper over the page. Once it was dry they removed the tissue which leaves colour on the page.

Monday, 14 October 2013

"Mona Minim and the Smell of the Sun" R8

7 year olds.
It is the first day back after our Spring holiday. The children were very enthusiastic.
I read the children the first few chapters from "Mona Minim and the Smell of the Sun", by Janet Frame.  It is a beautifully written story about an ants first venture out of the ant nest.

The children used pen and created an ants nest underground. They began by drawing ground level, quite high on their page. I encouraged them to use their imaginations when it came to designing their mini ant town. One wee boy didn't have any tunnels between the rooms. When I questioned him he said the ants were to be teleported.

They coloured everything with coloured pencils except the little rooms, so the details will remain very clear to see.

I gave them little pieces of wire to create little ants to add to their art. Some children found this too challenging so they made little drawings and added them instead. We used hot glue to attach the wire ants.

The children mounted their own work onto black paper and could add a border using white coloured pencil if they chose to.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Kites K7

5 year olds.
The children made this art to offer to their parents to be made into a calendar.

They began their art the same way as another class which I have posted a few weeks ago (21st September). But instead of using water colour paint and ink, they used crayon, crushed the picture and smoothed it out, then covered it with dye.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Owls R7

6 and 7 year olds.
The intention was to make more art for the calendar fundraiser. So the size was a given as were the range of materials we could use. I have mentioned this fundraiser on a previous post.
The children made their backgrounds first by cutting out two leaf shapes, one little, one larger. They traced around them using pen, covering a page with leaf shapes. They coloured between the shapes using a sky coloured wax crayon. They put leaf coloured dye over the entire page.
Their owls were drawn and coloured using crayons with photos as a reference. They covered the owls with a yellow dye and cut them out and glued them to their backgrounds.


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