Friday, 27 September 2013

Zentangle initials

We have had a hectic few weeks. We have put on a junior and a senior school production. Each one has performed two evening shows and a matinee. It has disrupted programmes e.g. my art programme, in a big way. But definitely worth while. The performances have been spectacular.  To manage the interruptions, I have designed sessions that could be completed in half a day or a full day or anywhere in-between. It is also art that has been completed by 7 year olds through to 10 year olds.

We discussed doodling and moved on to zentangles. We watched some You Tube clips of zentangling. The children designed their own initials using fonts from magazines and library books. I encouraged fat lettering.
They divided their letter, (or letters, depending on the length of time they had in the art room) into approximately 5 parts. They began zentangling inside the sections. They bounced off one another as they invented their own versions of what they had seen on the You Tube clips.
They prepared a page with a wash of watercolour paint on it. Their letter was finally cut out and glued to the coloured back ground.
If a class had more time, they enthusiastically added to their zentangles, blocking in some areas, neatening others.
A class I had for the whole day, in addition to their large zentangle, made a small zentangle letter in pen on a piece of MDF (board) approximatly 5cm square. They coloured the background and sides of the board with strong dye using cotton buds. We added a little loop to the back so they could be hung. 

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  1. Hi Gretchen
    These initials look nice against the soft backgrounds. I'll keep your project in mind for end of year (when our art classes are interrupted as well).



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