Monday, 2 September 2013

Maui catches the sun V5

9 year olds.
The class enquiry topic is based around myths and legends. Maui features strongly in Maori mythology. We did a little background research on Maui. We read the story of how Maui slows the sun.
We watched a you tube of the legend about how Maui slowed the sun. It is read in Maori and has subtitles.
 The children drew their own version of Maui using black ink and sticks. Once this was dry they used coloured pencil to add colour. I asked them to experiment with layering the colour to create new colours and to add depth to their work.
The art will be sent home, offering it as possible calendar art. This is a fund raiser.


  1. The details in their suns are great! Love the flowers in your header! :)

  2. Glad to know more about the legend of Maui. I love the lines created with sticks and ink. The children created some very creative compositions!

  3. Thank you. The unpredictability of the lines made with the sticks offers interest I think.



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