Friday, 6 September 2013

Lamp posts M14

8 year olds.
The class's enquiry has been around electricity. 
I took them outside to make an observational drawing of the power poles along the street. Luckily they are crazy with wires, lights road signs etc...lots to draw. 
The children prepares their page by giving it a wash of water colour paint. Their intention was to create a morning or evening sky, with colours blending together.
The children used their sketches as a guide. They drew their power poles using Indian ink and kebab sticks. 
I feel the initial drawings in pencil were so detailed and fabulous, that perhaps next time their observations are done directly in ink onto water colour washes. 


  1. Gretchen, I absolutely Love these!They remind me of "our" power lines against Southern California sunsets. I'd love to try this sometime. Thanks!

  2. Thank you both. They are effective. I think it would be interesting to do with a younger class too.

  3. Beautiful backgrounds. I love the texture of the ink applied with wooden skewers. You are making me wish we had power lines nearby :)



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