Saturday, 21 September 2013

Kites K8

5 year olds.
This is another 'calendar' project. The children have been studying flight. I borrowed a kite which I hung in the centre of the room. The children chose a place to view the kite and drew what they saw with a pencil. They put a wash of blue watercolour paint all over a page. The drawing was copied onto that page using sticks and Indian ink.  They added a little person to fly the kite. When it had dried, the colour was added using cotton buds and concentrated dye.


  1. Beautiful. Fun. I just like this!

  2. Those are beautiful -I like the perspective.

  3. Thank you. The perspective is interesting. Quite accidental in a way, although we did talk about the person being way down below.

  4. I love these! The brightly colored, designed kites against the simple background and their little figure are stunning! :) I always love to see what you are doing with your kids! :)



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