Friday, 20 September 2013

Bicycles M13

7 year olds.
We have been making pieces of art that will be offered to parents, with the possibility of making them into calendars, note books or cars. It is a fundraiser. The art is to be A4, landscape, no collage or glitter etc. I have been surprised at how restricting the limitations have been.
I thank Mrs Knight for providing this idea,
Today we made abstract art based around the strong lines and shapes of a bicycle. We focussed on the negative spaces that are created.
I gave the children 4 outlines of 4 different bikes. They were asked to crop and draw part of the bike. I asked them to be aware of the negative spaces.
They drew them onto card using marker pens, then treated each negative space with a different colour.

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  1. Nice work! Glad it was a success for you. I am just finishing mine up as well, posting soon. Thanks for the mention!



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