Tuesday, 20 August 2013

school art auction

We have a bi-annual Art Auction this Friday evening. It's been a lot of fun putting it together. The team I'm working with are excellent. We are all a little frantic at the moment, trying to predict what needs to be done to avoid disaster on the night. We have about 90 pieces of adult art to auction off, half in a silent auction (which we have put online as well) and half in a live auction.
Take a look at our school website, http://www.islandbay.school.nz We have the images up for viewing.
I have also undertaken to have a piece of art from each child on display on the night...more than 450 pieces, am I mad?


  1. Wow, what an amazing collection of artwork! if i had to pick a favorite, I am particularly drawn to the Kandinsky-like drawing (or is it a painting?) by Sue Lund. Your own work is lovely - can I ask the media? I see texture that makes me think there's a tissue-collage element to them, but I could be totally wrong. Meanwhile - this auction is at your school? I'd never have been able to show some of those pieces at my school (conservative little community) - there would have even an uproar over male nudes! Great that you are able to showcase all this talent. I'm looking forward to seeing the work of your students, too.

  2. Thanks so much Phyl, my art is in oils. One is on tapa. Tapa is a paper made in the pacific islands out of mulberry tree bark. Its very fibrous. Lovely to paint on. One is on hand made paper. I have stuck them onto stretched canvas using gesso.
    Yes, I love Sue's work. I met her today for the first time.
    The auction is in our school hall with wine and canapés. It is tomorrow night. I am already exhausted as I have been hanging art all day. I hope I make the distance. I feel very creaky and old.



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