Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Umbrellas K2

Five year olds.

We had quite a big storm recently so the children were very aware of what the sky looked like when the weather was crazy. We began the day drawing an umbrella. The children drew it again with black crayon on a large piece of paper. Then with black pen on card which they collaged with magazine pages. This umbrella was cut out. They drew a little person who could hold the umbrella. They coloured it with coloured pencils and cut it out. The background was a wash of stormy water colours that the children tried to blend together. After the children had stuck the people and umbrellas onto the page, they put glue in the parts where they thought the rain would fall. We sprinkled glitter onto the glue.


  1. The contrast of the colorful people and umbrellas against the stormy background is really nice. Such a cute project and great cross-curricular!

  2. Thank you. i am always surprised at how excited kids get when I mention glitter.



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