Wednesday, 3 July 2013

tessellations #2 V2

10 year olds.
I had to blog about these latest tessellations. The children worked so well under a bit of pressure, school photo day. So class, sport, family and individual photos happening for most of the day. They picked up on the process around tessellations easily.
This is the You Tube I used to help make the templates.


  1. These are excellent Gretchen, I've been planing to do a tessellations lesson for a while - these will be great to show my students when I finally get a chance : )

  2. Gretchen these are really well done - I especially like the top example moving through warm to cool colours...

  3. These are very nice! I usually do tessellations with my 4th grades every year but i did not get to them this year. Are they painted? Very nicely done! :)

  4. It's funny how stuff happens. I've been hanging out for some feed back and it comes from 3 of my favourite bloggers today. Thanks.
    They are painted in water colour paint and took a long time. The children loved doing them. I will add the link I used to create the template which I found very informative.



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