Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dragonfly magnets and colour bursts. K2 & K6

5 year old art.
It is the last week of term and the rain is pouring down. This is not a recipe for a calm, quiet class. But the littlies made some lovely stuff.
We started on the dragonflies first. An idea I found on Pinterest by Gail at Many thanks. The children glued magazine text to cardboard wings they had previously cut out. They made the body by trimming little pieces off a strip of card to create a head and tail. They painted them using two colours, blending them half way down the body. They added details with markers, once it was dry. I gave them tiny plastic eyes to glue on.
The children were onto the next piece of art, by the time the wings were dry so I manned the stapler and put the wings on and a magnetic strip on the back.
The idea came from Thanks Jamie.
The star bursts were made by groups of 5 children, each beginning on a dot on the page. I showed them how to paint one ring at a time and stopping when they met the edge or another colour burst. They chose hot or cold colours. They worked very well in groups.

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