Monday, 10 June 2013

Screen Printing R7

6 and 7 year olds.
The children are making their own library bags with screen printed images on them. This project has taken two full days so far. The children designed what they wanted to have on their bags. They were to think about things they really enjoyed. They filled a page with ideas, then focused on one of their ideas and drew it simply. I explained the screen printing process, which required quite a refined image in order to be successful. They drew the image on black paper and outlined it with white paint. They coloured it with chalk. This part is an extra to the process.
Today was full on and we are still not there. The children began by cutting out a large drawing of their idea. They were asked to keep the outside of their image and use it to make their screen print. A few children found that too difficult, and they used the opposite.
The screen printing process...The paper cutout was placed on the calico, then the screen is laid over top. A mixture of wall paper paste and dye powder is blobbed onto the screen and spread using a squeegee.
The next effort will be adding details using fabric pens and fabric crayons. I imagined this happening today but I needed to work with every child while they did the screen print and they weren't dry by the end of the day.
Then, luckily for me, a volunteer will be stitching the bags together. The children could help at this stage, but it will be slow.


  1. Wow this such a great article and the tips are very comprehensive. For sure many entrepreneurs with small and big businesses are going to benefit from this. Keep it up!

  2. Many thanks. It is easy too, for even the youngest child.



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